What started out as a little spare-time 2hr project to get a Buddhabrot rendered turned out to be capable of rendering many more interesting figures with just a little tweaking of the original Mandelbrot set equation. Simply speaking, these images are generated by having each point in the complex plane iterate through the set formula, incrementing each new pixel position's counter along the way. Each pixel is then colored according to the amount of hits it received.

Renderer Application

With this little renderer application (written in Java), you can observe how the Buddhabrot is rendered.
Download ZIP file containing the Buddhabrot JAR. Run the JAR (
java -jar buddhabrot-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar
or double-click the JAR) and click anywhere in the main window. Hit the Toggle Axis button to show the complex plane axes.

Miscellaneous Renders

These are all renders obtained by slightly modifying the original Mandelbrot equation.